Welcome to txConnect for Treetops School International



District Message

Welcome to parent portal.


We hope that you use this site often.  It allows you to check on your child's assignments, grades and attendance.


Any questions about assignments or grades please email the teacher.


Any questions about attendance please email: attendance@treetops.org


When you register for parent portal you will receive a confirmation email.  It is essential that you respond to that email.  There are two ways to get into parent portal if you forget your password.  You must have a registered email account or know the answer to your secret question. 


Keep your login information in a safe place.  Write down the information.  Keep track of the email address you used.  If you change email account you must change the email address in parent portal and again respond to the email.  Remember the secret question information.


The office staff may be unable to help if you do not keep track of the information and you may lose parent portal access.


Treetops only sends home a report card at the end of the year.  Any access to grades will be made through parent portal throughout the year.


Have a great year!